Friday, February 7, 2020

White denial of racial issues contributes to poor race relations Essay

White denial of racial issues contributes to poor race relations - Essay Example a, that say that blacks should be so touchy and sensitive, and that they should neglect their own individuality and uniqueness in order to become part of the broader, inclusive America. The article has no vague or ambiguous parts. The author speaks clearly and convincingly, stating numerous claims and validations for these claims as to why blacks should keep holding on to their uniqueness and individuality while also fighting and struggling to fend off discriminatory acts and statements in order to achieve a state of equality. The source is very credible. He explains that blacks have been deprived and enslaved throughout American history and it is their uniqueness that has kept them fighting and struggling. Keeping that does not mean their segregation and detachment from whites, but their being a separate though part of the whole. He also gives examples from known movies, which help convince the reader that the attitude towards blacks is still very unsatisfactory. One rhetorical device which is clearly visible is the use of opposites and contradiction. The words black and white appear often to describe the different people mentioned, but can allude to seeing the world "in black and white". Another is the use of analogies to compare the situation of blacks and whites, for instance within the financial field (blacks earn less money than whites for the same work). The fallacy mentioned by the author is not his, but a mentioning of a fallacy used by the white society, which claims that blacks insist on staying individual causes segregation and their separation of society, when they should embrace their part of the broader America. Clearly, that is incorrect since it is possible and recommendable that they should stay a part of it while also remaining individually unique. One argument the author uses is that American society should fully acknowledge the instrumental role that blacks had in the construction of the country and its building and evolving. Though they

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